In these Terms and Conditions we, our, or us refers to Artfull

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    If you have received your ARTFULL products and have decided you do not love them as much as you thought you would, we are happy to offer you an exchange, a store credit (valid for 6 months), or a refund within 7 days of receiving your parcel.
  • We do, however, require you to cover the return postage costs.
    All items sent back to us must be in their original condition, unused, in their original packaging.
  • The refund amount will be credited to your bank account via an EFT within 7 days from when we received your parcel, in its perfect condition.
  • Please note that no refunds and returns are permitted on sale items, specials, and discounted items.
  • For all refunds please reach out to info@artfull.co.za, prior to sending back your goods. In the email, please include the details of your purchase, the order number, and the reason for wanting to return the products.


  • Exchanges must be effected within 30 (thirty) days from the date of receipt of your order.
  • Your exchange item will be sent after receiving your returned item.
    The returned goods are your responsibility until they reach us safely. We recommend you insure your return package. Please ensure you package your return products carefully, to prevent any foreseeable damage, and to ensure the goods are in their original condition when they are received by us.
  • ARTFULL cannot be held responsible for damages as a result of wear and tear.
  • We will exchange an item (subject to availability), but you will have to bear the cost of the delivery of the substituted item to you.
  • Please note that no exchanges and returns are permitted on sale items, specials and discounted items.
  • For all queries regarding exchanges, please contact info@artfull.co.za, prior to sending your goods back. In the email, please include the details of your purchase, the order number, and the reason for wanting an exchange.


  • We take great care in ensuring that the products we send out are of the highest quality, however, if you believe you have received a faulty item, we will happily offer you an exchange (subject to availability), store credit, or a refund.
  • Please inform info@artfull.co.za within 24 hours of receipt of your order.
    If possible, please attach and share pictures of the faulty goods to info@artfull.co.za
  • ARTFULL cannot be held responsible for damages as a result of wear and tear.


  • ARTFULL takes customer service seriously and as such, each case shall be handled individually.
  • All correspondence in line with refunds and returns must be stipulated in writing and emailed to info@artfull.co.za

In these Terms and Conditions we, our, or us refers to Artfull- Storyline Studio

In consideration of the mutual terms and conditions set forth in this agreement, the Author and Artfull – Storyline Studio agree to the following:

1. The Author warrants that he/she is the exclusive owner of said Work (The work is a book which is to be published by Artfull – Storyline Studio and the author and owner thereof), and has the legal authority to enter into this agreement and grant publishing rights regarding the Work. Furthermore, the Author states that the Work is free of any counts of libel, copyright infringement, plagiarism and misrepresentation of facts or breach of privacy. The Author also assures Artfull – Storyline Studio that the Work (including all submitted artwork) is completely original (or that the Author has license to use such content), is not in public domain and has not been published in paperback or electronic form under a contract that would conflict with this Agreement. The Author also agrees that he/she is the sole owner of the copyrights of the Work. The Author agrees not to enter any agreement with any person, firm or corporate entity that would conflict with the rights hereby granted to Artfull – Storyline Studio without first terminating this contract. If the Author should breach this warranty; Artfull – Storyline Studio will be entitled to injunctive relief in addition to all other remedies which may be available. The Author also agrees that he/she will hold Artfull – Storyline Studio against any recovery or penalty arising out of his/her breach of this warranty. The Author will also reimburse Artfull – Storyline Studio for any legal costs ordered by a competent court.

2. The Author releases Artfull – Storyline Studio from any legal actions that may arise from the Work. Artfull – Storyline Studio makes every effort to protect the integrity of its authors, however opinions expressed within the pages of the publications are those of the authors, and do not represent the views of Artfull – Storyline Studio. The Author will hold Artfull – Storyline Studio harmless against legal actions that may arise from plagiarism, breach of privacy, misrepresentation of facts, the authenticity of the Work or copyright infringement. The Author will also pay any and all legal fees and judgments that result from such a suit. In turn, Artfull – Storyline Studio assures the Author that any and all artwork used by the Publisher (which was not submitted by the Author) is free of copyright infringement. Artfull – Storyline Studio is the sole owner of the rights of said artwork and grants that it is either all original, or that Artfull – Storyline Studio has license to use it for publication.

3. This contract may be terminated at any time and for any reason by either party as long as a.) a 30-day written notice is given to the other party (or via e-mail) and the other party has verified receipt. A R950 fee will be charged to the Author for labour involved in canceling all registrations and web postings and the Author may take the published Work in it’s electronic form in PDF file (CD ROM) only. The original/master design copy will remain with Artfull – Storyline Studio. Or, by prior arrangement with the Publisher, on paying a termination release fee of R1 500.00 the author may take the original/master copy.

4. The Author agrees to furnish Artfull – Storyline Studio with any materials requested for publicity purposes, including reviews, photos, summaries, etc. The Author also agrees that Artfull – Storyline Studio has the right to use his/her name and likeness for any and all promotional purposes during the term of this contract. Artfull – Storyline Studio also has the full right to use book excerpts, quotes, reviews, cover images, etc. for promotional purposes in consultation with the author and with the author’s consent which shall not be unreasonably withheld.

5. The Author appoints Artfull – Storyline Studio as its Print-on-Demand publisher for The Work for the length of this contract and will not contract with another Publishing or Printing Firm until the expiration of the contract.

6. Artfull – Storyline Studio does not guarantee any volume of sales for The Work. The author is solely responsible for the marketing of his/her book. Brochures, Leaflets, Business Cards, HTML Mailers, Newsletters, Author Biographies and any other promotional communication services are offered as additional marketing services by Artfull – Storyline Studio and are invoiced as such.

7. For the duration of this Agreement, the Author has the right to purchase copies of the printed Work at a price agreed to with Artfull – Storyline Studio. All Author payments must be made in advance and Artfull – Storyline Studio will not pay royalties on direct sales made to the Author, nor will the Publisher make any claims for any of the profits the Author makes from these direct sales.

8. Artfull – Storyline Studio may make reasonable changes, additions, deletions or condensations to the Work with the consent of the author.

9. Artfull – Storyline Studio is only an independent contractor and this Agreement should not be deemed or interpreted to mean that Artfull – Storyline Studio is an employee or partner of the Author.

10. The Author understands that Artfull – Storyline Studio may at any time sell its business and that all current contracts and licenses would be transferred to the new owner. If Artfull – Storyline Studio liquidates its business or is legally judged bankrupt, this Agreement shall be terminated immediately.

11. The Author assumes all responsibility for the authenticity of the copyright of the Work. The Author agrees to hold Artfull – Storyline Studio free of liability in respect of breach of copyright of the work by the Author as proved in Court and indemnifies Artfull – Storyline Studio in respect of legal costs as ordered against Artfull – Storyline Studio by a Court. If the Author’s copyright is infringed, Artfull – Storyline Studio may, at its own expense, take legal action required to restrain such infringement and seek damages.

Artfull – Storyline Studio cedes and assigns its right in terms of the agreement to take legal action to restrain such infringement and seek damages to the Author in the event of Artfull – Storyline Studio electing not to pursue such action. In the event, the Author shall assume all rights and obligations on behalf of Artfull – Storyline Studio and holds them harmless and fully indemnifies Artfull – Storyline Studio in respect of any action taken by the Author on their behalf.

12. The Author hereby acknowledges receipt of Artfull – Storyline Studio General Terms and Conditions and is in agreement thereto.

13. Distribution of The Work – Artfull – Storyline Studio will manage, store and distribute printed copies of any Work and will charge a 13% handling fee excluding postage.